Theme-Based Investment Strategy

Oak Hill applies an industry-focused, theme-based approach to investing in four core sectors. Within each of these core sectors, Oak Hill seeks to:

  • Leverage sector knowledge to develop actionable investment themes based on observable long-term trends
  • Proactively originate investment opportunities that align with Oak Hill’s investment themes
  • Partner with proven management teams and leverage in-house functional experts
  • Identify, underwrite, and execute well-defined strategic and operational roadmaps that create sustainable profit growth and enhance the franchise
  • Utilize best-in-class Operating Advisors, who are engaged by our funds and portfolio companies to drive value creation initiatives and results
  • Mitigate risk
  • Position companies to capitalize on the optimal exit strategy


Proven Approach to Value Creation

Oak Hill employs an established, systematic, and repeatable approach to value creation, oriented around underwriting and executing a distinct set of value creation initiatives for each transaction. This “Value Creation Roadmap” draws directly on our Theme-Based Investment Strategy and core sector expertise. We typically focus on one or two priority initiatives to unlock financial and strategic value over the course of an investment. Below are select examples of key value creation initiatives across our core sector investments.


Retail Transformation

Duane Reade

  • Sector: Consumer, Retail & Distribution
  • Theme: Specialty Retail

Brand Optimization & New Unit Expansion

Dave & Buster's

  • Sector: Consumer, Retail & Distribution
  • Theme: Specialty Restaurants

Sales Force Expansion & Strategic Acquisitions

Berlin Packaging

  • Sector: Industrials
  • Theme: Strategic Supplier

Data Infrastructure Investment & Business Line Expansion


  • Sector: Media & Communications
  • Theme: Broadband Communication / Cable

Operational Enhancements & New Revenue Stream Development

Local TV

  • Sector: Media & Communications
  • Theme: Local Content Provider

New Market Entry & Product Expansion


  • Sector: Services
  • Theme: Outsourced IT Infrastructure

Revenue Diversification & Product Suite Expansion


  • Sector: Services
  • Theme: SMB-focused IT Solutions